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Ready 2 Help

With the Ready 2 Help card game, you can respond to examples of emergencies by working with your friends and using skills that will help you in a real emergency. Ready 2 Help teaches 5 simple steps to stay safe and make a difference until help arrives:

Stay Sage Icon Stay Safe
Stay Calm Icon Stay Calm
Get Help Icon Get Help
Give Info Icon Give Info
Give Care Icon Give Care

Ready 2 Help was designed for children 8 and up. Download the game in 6 languages below or order free copies in English and Spanish from the FEMA Warehouse today! 

Interested in Ordering Free Copies?

Free printed copies are available through the FEMA Publications Warehouse. To order free publications:

Order From Warehouse

Call: 1-800-480-2520.
Email: FEMApubs@GPO.gov

FEMA Distribution Center
c/o Pueblo Distribution Center
Attn: Receiving
Pueblo, CO 81001

Publication Number:
  • Ready 2 Help Card Game: P-2013

  • Ready 2 Help Companion Book: P-2036


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